A Snowmaking Pump is a sound investment to
make if you are serious about making snow.

These pumps will have a much higher flow rate
compared to pressure washers you can buy.
This will allow you to make more snow.

The industrial grade pumps and motors will
out last any pressure washer you can buy.
They are designed for rigorous use in even the
most demanding snowmaking applications.

Before you buy, there are some things to know:
What are the advantages of using a snowmaking pump over a pressure washer?

Consumer grade pressure washers that you can buy will typically max out at 4 GPM. If you want to make the most snow, our
high flow rate Snowmaking Pumps give you that ability by using pumps that exceed 4 GPM.

Pressure washers at the big box stores are built just for price and don't use the best quality pumps and motors. Snowmaking
Pumps utilize industrial grade pumps and motors that will last a very long time. They can also withstand constant use in even
the most demanding home snowmaking applications.

Your Household Water Flow Rate (VERY IMPORTANT)

Before you buy a snowmaking pump, you need to know what your household water flow rate is. Water flow rate is measured
in Gallons of Water Per Minute (GPM).

If you buy a pump that exceeds your household water flow rate, you will ruin the pump. For example, you cannot buy a 7 GPM
snowmaking pump if your household water source only puts out 5 GPM. It will starve the pump of water, causing it to fail.

To determine your household water flow rate you will need to do what is called a bucket test. Get yourself a 5 gallon bucket or
one gallon jug and time how long it takes to fill the container with water.

Here are some examples:

60 divided by 15 seconds to fill a one gallon jug = 4gpm water faucet flow rate

60 divided by 10 seconds to fill a one gallon jug = 6gpm water faucet flow rate

When doing the test make sure the faucet is opened all the way and you do not have a nozzle on the end of your garden hose.
If you use a garden hose nozzle on the end of the hose, it can limit the flow rate out of the hose and skew your calculations.

Obviously, we recommend having a buffer between your pump size and actual water flow rate. For example if you have 7 GPM
out of your faucet, we suggest getting the 5.5 GPM Snowmaking Pump instead of the 7 GPM.

Important Note to People with Well Water

Most people with a well know how much water the well can produce in Gallons Per Minute (GPM). You still need to do the
bucket test to determine your water flow rate out of the faucet. Reason being, your well may put out 20 GPM, but your well
pump can only supply the house with 7 GPM of water.

People with wells should also use caution when it comes to using a high flow rate snowmaking pump. Prolonged use can
cause your well to run itself dry. This can leave you without water to your home and may require a new well to be drilled. This
is especially true if your well has ever run itself dry or you are experiencing drought conditions.

If you have a low flow rate well and you have to use flow restrictors on your house faucets, we do not recommend using a
high flow rate snowmaking pump. You likely won't have enough water flow rate to use one anyway.

Gas vs. Electric Drive Snowmaking Pumps

Gas snowmaking pumps are the most popular since they are the least expensive and require no special outlets or wiring like
electric snowmaking pumps. The downside to gas pumps is that they are noisier than electric pumps and will require
re-fueling every so many hours.

Power Requirements for Electric Drive Pumps

Our larger snowmaking pumps require 230 volts of electric. A typical house does not have this size outlet in the garage,
unless you had it added. This can add an extra expense if you need to hire an electrician to wire you one of these outlets.

There are many different style outlets and plugs available for 230 volts. As a result, our pumps do not come with a plug. You
will either need to add your own plug that works with your outlet or hardwire the pump directly to your power source. Again,
this may require you to hire an electrician.

If you do not want the hassle or expense of hiring an electrician, a gas snowmaking pump will be the best way to go.
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