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Home Snowmaking Tips and Tricks
  • Investing in a high quality weather station or temperature and humidity
    sensor is recommended. This way you can tell what your weather
    conditions are where you are planning to make snow. Relying on weather
    reports can give you inaccurate information, especially in marginal
    snowmaking conditions.

  • Never try and fight the wind when making snow. You will lose every time.
    Always position the snowmaker so the wind carries the snow away from
    the snowmaker.

  • Avoid having the mist from the snowmaker blow back on to the
    snowmaker. This will cause your nozzles to freeze quickly and prevent
    you from making snow. Position the snowmaker so the wind carries the
    mist away from the snowmaker.

  • Blowing snow into a large pile is known as a "whale". When the snow is
    in a large pile, it will last longer through warm spells and rain rather than
    it being spread out. Using tarps also helps protect the snow.

  • Man made snow is more dense than natural snow. This is what allows
    man made snow to last longer than natural snow does.

  • Always keep air and water hoses to as short of a length as possible to
    prevents freeze ups. Always keep spare hoses handy in case a freeze up
    does occur.

  • Air hoses are more prone to freeze ups because they are a smaller
    diameter and moisture from your compressor escapes through the hose.

  • Only use FROST FREE water hose spigots to prevent damage. Always
    know where your faucet shut off valves are in case you have a problem.

  • After use store your snowmaker and pressure washer in a warm location
    to prevent freeze ups or damage. Pressure washers will always have
    residual water left in the pump that you cannot get out. If it freezes, it can
    damage your pump or cause the pump to seize until it thaws.

  • Air compressor tanks should be drained after each use to release any
    moisture in the tank. This is true any time you use an air compressor but
    with making snow, the compressor runs continuously for hours and can
    result in higher volumes of moisture to develop. Moisture can cause your
    tank to rust which can cause it to explode and be deadly.

  • If using both an electric air compressor and electric pressure washer,
    make sure they are plugged in on two different circuits to prevent the
    breaker from tripping.

  • Always dress properly for making snow to prevent yourself from getting
    sick or frost bite. Remember, you will be outside working with water in
    very cold temperatures. It does not take long to get frost bite to exposed
    skin or to get sick from having cold water land on your head.

  • Never fill up a gas powered air compressor or pressure washer while it is
    running or is hot. This can cause an explosion or fire.

  • Never have your snow accumulate on the street or public side walks.

  • Be courteous to your neighbors, especially if you are making snow late
    at night or early in the morning. The equipment can be noisy and nobody
    likes to be disturbed when trying to sleep.

  • Last but not least, HAVE FUN!
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