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Home Snowmaking Requirements
All of our snowguns make REAL SNOW just like the ones you see at ski
resorts. In fact, our snowguns are just a scaled down version of them.
As a result, they have specific requirements in order for them to work.

Basically, you need an air compressor, pressure washer, cold weather
and a snowgun in order to successfully make snow. We cover each
requirement in detail below.
Requirement #1: Cold Weather Below 28ºF

As a general rule of thumb, the outside air temperature needs
to be 28ºF or less when you are making snow. Snowmaking
uses the wetbulb temperature, which factors in the outside
humidity level with the ambient air temperature. Generally
when it is colder than 28ºF, you can make snow unless the
humidity is very high.

Most areas get at least a handful of cold nights per year to
make snow, including most of Florida. Sadly, if you live
somewhere very warm you cannot make real snow.
Requirement #2: Air Compressor

Compressed air is vital to the snowmaking process. As
compressed air expands, it rapidly cools and this is what
"super cools" the water and allows it to freeze into snow.

Air compressors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The
good news is most will work for making snow, except for very
small ones that don't have a large pump.

The CFM level specified at 90psi is what you want to look at to
see if an air compressor will be big enough for snowmaking.

You need an air compressor that produces at least
5cfm@90psi or more.
The more CFM the better. You can find
your CFM rating usually on the tank of the air compressor. An
air hose will also be required to connect the compressor to the
snowmaker. Air hose quick connects are also recommended.
Requirement #3: Pressure Washer or Snowmaking Pump

To make a good amount of snow, you need a high pressure
snowmaker that works off a pressure washer.

Any size pressure washer will work. We offer different model
snowmakers for different size pressure washers. The more
gallons per minute (GPM) your pressure washer puts out, the
more snow that you can make.

Most pressure washers you can buy at the big box stores max
out at around 4gpm, which will yield a lot of snow. But for
those looking to make even more snow, we offer our
Snowmaking Pumps.

Snowmaking Pumps are just a higher flow rate pressure
washer available up to 7gpm to maximize your homes water
supply. They are industrial grade pressure washers that will
last you nearly forever.
Requirement #4: Snowmaker AKA "Snow gun"

Last but not least you need a Snowmaker in order to make real
snow. A snowmaker can also be referred to as a "snowgun" or
"snow making machine". All mean the same thing.

The snowmaker combines the compressed air from the air
compressor and the water from your pressure washer in cold
weather to make the snowmaking process happen.

We offer several different snowmakers to accommodate
different size pressure washers. Simply find out how many
gallons per minute your pressure washer flows (GPM) and you
can find out which model snowmaker you need to order.

The best thing about our snowmakers is they are plug and
play, meaning they require no adjustments. They can also be
retrofitted with different size nozzles later on if you buy a
different size pressure washer, saving you from buying an
entirely new snowgun.
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