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Home Snowmaking Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much snow can I make with your snowmakers?
How much snow you can make depends on the weather conditions, type of
snowmaker, and how much water you are flowing out of the snowmaker.

Basically, the colder it is outside and the more gallons per minute (GPM) your
pressure washer puts out, the more snow you can make.

Q: Do your snowmakers make REAL snow?
Yes, and that is why they require temperatures below freezing in order to
work. Basically, our snowmakers are a scaled down version of the ones you
would see at a ski resort.

Q: How cold must it be to make snow with a snowgun?
The general rule of thumb is 28ºF or less is required. Snowmaking goes by
the wetbulb temperature which factors in the relative humidity. In some cases
you can make snow above 28ºF with low humidity but in high humidity may
require temperatures below 28ºF.

Q: How long will it take to receive a snowmaker that I ordered?
We encourage you to order your snowmaker early before the cold weather
arrives to avoid the seasonal rush we experience. In stock orders are shipped
same day or next and typically arrive in 1 to 6 days, depending where you live.

Q: Which type of snowmaker makes the most amount of snow?
A high pressure snowmaker that works in conjunction with a pressure
washer or snowmaking pump makes the most amount of snow. This is
because the high pressure water creates finer water droplets.

Q: I live in the deep south where it is warm in winter. Can I still make snow?
Yes, we have customers who have successfully made snow in mid Florida
even with very warm tap water during cold spells. Some times in real warm
areas you have to wait for it to be slightly less than 28ºF to make snow.

Q: The weather is cold enough to make snow but all I'm making is ice. What is
the problem?
Most of the time this is because the weather conditions are too marginal
for making snow. If you are right around 28ºF but the humidity is moderate to
high, you may have to wait until it gets a few degrees colder. This is
especially true if your tap water temperature is on the warmer side.

Q: What exactly is a snowmaking pump?
A snowmaking pump is basically a pressure washer that flows more
gallons per minute (gpm) than a traditional pressure washer. Most pressure
washers you can buy as a homeowner max out around 4gpm. In order to
maximize your homes water supply, we build higher volume pumps up to

Q: Do your snowmakers required adjustments?
Our high pressure snowmakers (Vector, Avalanche, Veyron, SnowStorm)
all use our automatic nucleation valve which requires no adjustments on your
part. It is a simple plug and play setup that eliminates operator error.

Q: Will I be wasting water making snow?
No. When the snow melts it turns back into water and seeps into the
ground. The water is then filtered naturally before it re-enters the water table.

Q: Will making snow kill my grass come spring time?
No. Making snow will actually help your grass. When the snow melts your
lawn will thrive where the snow was. We sell snowmakers to golf courses to
protect their expensive grass in the winter with snow.

Q: Do your snowmakers produce a snow falling effect like natural snow?
The snowmakers really do not give a snow falling effect as manmade snow
does not produce individual flakes of snow. Rather, it is similar to a cloud of
mist that falls to the ground as snow as the water freezes.

Q: Can I make snow indoors or in an enclosed climate controlled trailer?
Our equipment is designed for outdoor use only. Although, we have had
people make snow indoors with mixed results.

For best results you need a room big enough to allow the mist enough hang
time to freeze and to prevent it from hitting walls. A room too small will
typically result in ice being made instead. Having the ability to control both
the temperature and humidity is vital to success.

We do not make any guarantees that our equipment will work in indoor
snowmaking applications.
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